How big a conference is UETN Tech Summit?

Last year’s summit saw more than 300 participants representing about 122 organizations from K12, Higher Ed, Healthcare and IT Exhibitors.

What if I need to cancel?

Please send your cancellation request to before May 21, 2024.

What sorts of topics are of interest to UETN Tech Summit attendees and organizers?

Suggested Topics:

  • Safe UT: Developing Advancements in Utah Mental Health
  • Lessons Learned with DAS (campus cell Coverage)
  • Cellular Wireless right of ways on campus (Senate Bill #189)
  • e-911 Laws
  • Artificial Intelligence and Automation
  • Internet of Things issues in the Academic Enterprise
  • Cybersecurity: Minimum Viable Product
  • Agile Development Basics
  • Data Integration & API
  • Cloud Portable: Modularization of Apps and Platforms
  • Cloud Platform & Infrastructure options
  • Patch Cycle Planning
  • What you must know about Identity & Access Management
  • What ever happened with IPv6 anyways?
  • Google Chrome: Tuning under the hood
  • Student Success as a technology requirement
  • Principles of IT Strategy & Governance
  • Data-Enabled: Business Intelligence & Analytics to answer the big questions
  • Education Affordability through Technology
  • Principles of ITIL Change Management
  • IT Staffing & Organizational Models
  • Software Defined Networking
  • Disaster Recovery Strategies
  • Logging & Monitoring on a budget
  • Digital Transformation of Education
  • Blockchain: How it may affect the future of Education & life.
  • Drones: Coming to an airspace near you. (Practical, industrialized uses)
  • Extreme Management Center and Access Control
  • Palo Alto Firewall
  • Hyper-V including Hyper converged storage
  • Windows Server 2019 new features
  • Google Admin tips and tricks, tools beyond vault
  • AI - Ozobots and Spheros (Robotics in the Classroom)
  • VR Hardware Deployment
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Deployment and Maintenance
  • AutoCAD Deployment and Maintenance
  • Windows 10 Deployment
  • Windows 10 Policies
  • Windows 10 Security
  • Windows 10 Microsoft Store
  • Datacenter monitoring
  • Backup ... datacenter and clients
  • Latest classroom robotics and AI learning tools
  • Supporting Raspberry Pi and Arduino Devices in a Classroom
  • Supporting and Maintaining Blockchain Labs
  • Python and JavaScript teaching tools and classroom maintenance for them
  • Ekahau/NetScout
  • MDM Securly vs iBoss for Chromebooks
  • Fiber optic splicing (FOA training and certs)
  • Ubiquiti (UniFi Controller / UNMS)
  • Merging Physical vs Digital Security
  • eduroam - education wireless connectivity wherever you go

What length of presentations do you want?

Consideration will be made for:

  • Presentations - 60min, 120min, or 180min
  • Workshops or trainings - 1 up to 3 hours
  • Operational demos - can be included in presentations and workshops or could be done separate for periods of .5 up to 2 hours