Jon Rusho
Senior Network Engineer, U of U Seismograph Stations

I'm a senior seismic network engineer. I started working for the U of U Seismograph Stations in 2006, escaping from a corporate IT environment. Prior to that, I worked in the dotcom world until the crash. I started working for the U of U while still in high school, starting in the Physics department, then moving to the Chemistry department before leaving to go to graduate school.

Keith Parsons
Managing Director, Wireless LAN Professionals, Inc.

Keith Parsons is Managing Director of the Wireless LAN Professionals, Inc. A gifted presenter, Keith is known for his wit and broad technical experience. He holds 110 technical certifications and has earned an MBA from the Marriott School of Management. He is author (or editor) of a 50+ technical publications and has developed ten technical industry and vendor certifications.

Mr. Parsons is a sought after presenter for a variety of technical conferences on the subjects of Wireless LAN and Network Security/Penetration Testing. He travels throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Australia in behalf of a wide variety of IT vendors, explaining their products to networking professionals.

Keith has been on the CWNP and CWNE Advisory Boards – and is CWNE #3. For the past 22 years Mr. Parsons has focused on Wireless LANs, both in providing high-quality customized training as well as WLAN design and consulting services with a variety of global corporations. He has also produced the industry’s Wireless LAN Professional Conference for the past ten years.

Dr. Mariam Kiran
Group Lead, ORNL's Quantum Networking and Communications Group

Dr. Kiran is a Computer Networking and AI Scientist and currently serves as Group Lead to ORNL’s Quantum Networking and Communications Group. Her research explores AI/ML solutions for improving network performance, flexibility and high-speed distributed data transfers for science. Involving themes of deep learning, software engineering and complex networks, she have developed solutions for optimizing data movement, TCP/IP protocols, learning controllers for Wide area network (WANs), wireless/5G (& Beyond) and Quantum networked devices. Her research impacts DOE’s infrastructure used for high-energy physics, neutron science, materials science, biology, ecology, smart grids and nuclear energy applications.